Matte Mango Sauce Kit

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Everything you need to keep your Matte or Satin Wrap looking clean and saucy.

This kit carries all your essentials including:

  • Matte Mango Spray Sauce
  • Matte Mango Bubble Wash
  • Salsa Verde Glass Cleaner
  • Tartar Sauce Upholstery Cleaner
  • Hot Sauce Wheel Cleaner
  • Black Trim Marinade
  • Lime Slice Wash Mitt
  • Garlic Grey Dry Cloth
  • Blueberry Microfiber 2 pk
  • Applespice Microfiber 2pk
  • Tangy Tire Sponge 2 pk
  • Square Sauce Bucket w/Grime Guard and Water Resistant Cushioned Lid