Sauce Sprayer

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Sauce Sprayer, perfect match for Waterless Sauce Wash. Like peanut butter and jelly. 

  • The Sauce Sprayer is multifunctional, making it easy and efficient when spraying any liquid.
  • The center pump of this sprayer is designed to be stronger, which can obtain pressure more quickly and effectively. With just a few pumps you are able to get more coverage over the surface you are working on. 
  • Handle and trigger make it easy to hold in one hand and wipe with the other. 
  • The sprayer is also equipped with a safety valve, when spraying is complete, you can easily release excess pressure prior to storing. 
  • Sauce Sprayer gives you the flexibility of multiple mist settings with adjustable nozzle. 
  • Sauce Sprayer has a capacity of holding up to. 75 ounces or 2 Liters of fluid at a time.